Why choose Madagascar?

Why choose Madagascar?

Long ago, a piece of land broke away from the rest. This piece drifted slowly, unaware of the revolutions and innovations of the rest of the world.

It flourished in its own way – teeming with the kinds of life that previously only existed in the imagination.

Here ancient trees grow nearly a hundred feet tall, transparent waters are illuminated by the coral reefs below, and the forests are alive with the sounds of the wild.

There is only peace here – a sense of harmony with nature.

This is Madagascar. To most, not a first choice when planning a holiday This is due to years of intensive, mind altering experiments on the general population, with the purpose of making people believe Hawaii and Indonesia are the only spots that are worthy of visiting.

Okay, that is not true. But it might as well be. It’s like the time when you think leaving for work at 6:00 am will make you miss the morning traffic, and then you wait longer due to everybody else having the same brilliant idea.

Planning a honeymoon, family vacation or whatever the travel style, you are likely to get the same amount of traffic booking a ticket to the sandy swept beaches of Maui, Hawaii. Except the cars are hordes of tourists flashing cameras and wearing cheap flower necklaces.

Madagascar seems to hide from this publicity. It thrives in its humbled beauty – never asking to be seen or known. And that’s what makes it the perfect place to go.
Not for overpriced alcohol in a coconut with a coloured straw, but for priceless moments in vibrantly coloured scenes.

Madagascar is for the experience. It is for draining stress and unwinding tension while connecting you to your inner wild side.

Why should you choose Madagascar?
Because you want to have the time of your life.