Terms and Conditions

Madagascar Island Safaris Booking Terms & Conditions

1. All bookings are accepted and tours sold by Madagascar Island Safaris (“MIS”) subject to these terms and conditions.

2. A firm booking can only be made by payment to the MIS or its authorised agent of the specified deposit or in the case of a booking made within 60 days of the proposed departure date the full amount of the tour price. A booking will only be binding on the MIS on receipt by the customer of written confirmation from MIS.

3 (i). The client in making the booking undertakes for himself and as agent for any person named on the booking form that he and any such person shall at all times conduct themselves in a reasonable and sober manner and with due regard to the safety of other members of the tour and their enjoyment of the tour and will comply with all reasonable requests of any lecturer or guide accompanying the tour. Any breach of this undertaking may give rise to the person in breach being required to withdraw from the tour and to pay all expenses relating thereto.
3 (ii). The client is advised to acquaint himself with the climate of the area in which the tour will be made and the physical requirements necessary to enjoy the tour. In the event that the client or any member of his party suffers any sickness or injury that person may be required to withdraw from the tour.

4. MIS shall not be obliged to deliver any tickets or other documents relating to the holiday until it has received the completed booking form and full payment of the amounts due for the booking. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that he has all necessary travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) and to conform with relevant health regulations regarding vaccinations.

5. MIS will make every effort to operate all tours as described in the relevant document but reserves the right at its discretion to modify or cancel any tour arrangement up to 59 days prior to departure

6. MIS will not materially modify or cancel any tour during the period of 59 days prior to departure unless as a result of war, threat of war, hostilities, riots, civil commotion, strikes, disaster, terrorist activity, closure of airport or other force majeure or any circumstances outside MIS control. In all such cases the person signing the booking form will be notified and suitable alternative arrangements will be proposed. In the event of those alternative arrangements not being acceptable to the client, MIS will be under no obligation to make any refund of monies paid as deposit or otherwise.

7. MIS does not own the airlines, hotels, lodges, resorts or other transport and accommodation used in a tour, and so is not responsible for the booking policies thereof.

8. MIS liability in respect of cancellation of or material modification to tours or of a change in accommodation in the circumstances mentioned in paragraphs above shall be limited to the obligations contained in those paragraphs. If it is necessary to foreshorten or cancel a tour after departure by reason of force majeure then the MIS shall not be liable to refund any monies or otherwise. At any time MIS may alter the itinerary or mode of transport or accommodation or catering or other arrangements if it seems desirable for the wellbeing of the tour members or if circumstances dictate such a course. In such an event any additional expenses shall be borne by the client and, conversely, any net saving effected thereby will be the subject of a refund to the client.

9. If any payment is not made by the due date for payment to MIS then MIS may cancel the booking. In this event, or if the client cancels the booking once accepted, the deposit and any prepayments will be forfeited. If such cancellation occurs within 90 days prior to departure additional charges will become payable by the client to MIS according to the following sliding scale of percentages of the total price:

The balance of the payment must be paid at least 90 days before departure.

*Written cancellation received prior to departure:

90 days or more to departure (Deposit plus all pre-payments made)
59-40 days to departure (60% Cancellation charge as percentage of the tour price)
39 days or less to departure (100% cancellation charge as percentage of the tour price)

*Written cancellation must be received by email to MIS email address being info@madagascarislandsafaris.co.za

10. Comprehensive travel insurance (including cover for cancellation and repatriation) must be taken out by each person travelling and a photocopy of the policy document must be supplied to the company prior to travel. It is strongly advised to take out such cover immediately after booking, and to take your policy with you on tour.

11. Tour prices quoted in MIS literature are based on currency exchange rates and other known costs as at the effective date of issue. The client shall pay any increase in the price of the holiday necessitated by an increase in these costs and which are outside the reasonable control of MIS. Any such increases will be advised to clients as soon as possible after they become known.

12. Any air or surface journeys will be subject to the conditions applied by the carriers for the journeys in question.

13. All transport, accommodation and other arrangements are made by MIS as agents only and neither MIS nor any of its employees shall be liable for any loss, damage, accident, delay or irregularity however caused arising from these arrangements directly or indirectly or otherwise in connection with the tour unless due to the proven negligence of MIS.

14. All matters concerning the booking and the contract arising in connection therewith shall be governed in all respects by South African law.