Manga Soa Lodge

Nosy Be

The Manga Soa Lodge is the destination of luxury and authenticity in Nosy Be, Madagascar. The five lodges consisting of suites and a family villa scattered in nature near the beach of Befefika. With the vision of the Manga Soa philosophy, each lodge is named after a star. Their stargazing tours will give you a better understanding of this legacy. Wi-Fi is free at the lodge and internet is super-fast as they have invested in fibre optics in the reception, bar and restaurant areas.










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The Details

The main objective of the Manga Soa Lodge is to promote sustainable tourism in Nosy Be through the conservation of biodiversity, the long-term operation of the hotel and the improvement of the living conditions of the local community. Their music is also an integral part of the environment as every week a talented pianist performs on their grand white piano and plays for the guest’s excerpt from the classical repertoire. There are numerous hiking trails for the outdoor-type which starts at the hotel, weaving through the surrounding villages, and ending up at Lokobé Nature Reserve. The lodges are decorated with reflections of the cultural mix of Madagascar. The rooms are furnished with imported Indonesian wood in the Sakalavas workshops of Hell-Ville or Dzamanjary. Descending the wooden staircase in the rooms lead you into the lounge area where you will be welcomed by an open terrace with an immaculate ocean view.



Manga Soa Lodge have 5 rooms consisting of;

  • Standard Rooms
  • Suites
  • Family Villa (sleeps 3-6 people)

The rooms are all equipped with a mini bar and a television, a tea service and snacks. After ascending a few easy steps you will be on top of the world by your comfortable four-poster bed and open up the shutters to enjoy the breath-taking view of the Bay of Befefika.

The large living room in the lodge opens up to a sea view of the Mozambique Channel. You will enjoy the pleasure of relaxing on your private terrace on the wicker chairs. When you have soaked up all the wonder of the Island, it will be time to head down to the restaurant located in the botanical garden.

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The restaurant called Arthur has a large terrace overlooking the calm Bay of Befefika and can accommodate up to 60 guests. The open kitchen plan allows you to witness the chef working his magic while preparing your meals. In our vegetable garden, which has its own complete herbarium, the chef selects seasonal vegetables to add that extra freshness to his creations. A few of the local fresh fruits consist of pineapple, jacques and evi are abundant in Nosy Be and can be picked in the fields.

The Arthur Restaurant is ideal for celebrating intimate family events and weddings and able to cater to your event with a professional on location to assist you to make your party something no one will forget. The bar and cocktail area is adjacent to the reception area of the Manga Soa Lodge. Ideally located between the hotel reception and the restaurant, the Achilles bar is located between the lodge reception and restaurant area. The bar has comfortable English bar chairs where you will find yourself relaxing in front of the hundred-year-old fruit trees and the enchanting botanical garden and float back in time to the swinging 1930’s themed décor.

The Manga Soa Lodge’s in-room dining service is an available option on request with a menu featuring a wide range of traditional Madagascar dishes. For the early birds, there will be a continental breakfast with tropical fruit juices available from 6h30. Customised picnics are also available on request if you would like to enjoy your lunch on the beach or when you embark on your excursion to the Island.


  • Helicopter flight around Nosy Be
  • Lemur Land Park
  • Visit the Ylang-ylang distilleries
  • Star-gazing tour
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Traditional fishing
  • Scuba Diving

Interesting Fact

The history of Manga Soa Lodge is rich in the ethnic diversity of the Red Island as the teams at the Manga Soa Lodge in Nosy Be consisting of six ethnic groups namely; the Antandroy, Sakalava, Merina, Antesaka, Tsimihety and Vezo who all work daily in perfect harmony on the Befefika site. All their staff knows how to honour their ancestral customs while respecting the requirements of their guests.