Things to see

Things to see

Madagascar is arguably one of the most beautiful natural places on earth. It’s highly unique and offers a wide array of landscapes that you can’t see anywhere else. For that reason, thousands of people are moving to the country every year, and many of them are deciding to stay put. If you’re thinking of moving to Madagascar, take the time to visit this great island to learn more about its beauty and what it can offer residents interested in making the move and once you’ve spent a little time lapping up the luxury in a local resort, you will quickly find yourself absorbed in the local culture and ready for your move to paradise.

Top Places to Visit

While in Madagascar there’s going to be a lot to see and do. Take the time to check out at least a few of these top destinations to enhance your trip. If you do decide to stay in the country long term, you’ll find yourself drawn to many of these attractions again and again.

Ranomafana National Park

This park runs through densely packed forests. It’s home to the endangered golden lemur and is wrapped with streams and beautiful views. It’s an excellent hiking location and a lot of fun to visit to get closer to nature.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

Every traveler should take the time to visit this once royal city. It’s beautiful, sacred and shows off truly innovative building techniques. It was home to many people of royalty in the past and is rich with architectural features.

Ifaty Diving

These coastal towns are home to a big coral reef and calm waters that are perfect for diving or snorkeling. Take a dip in the clear waters while looking at the local marine wildlife.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Many call this area the stone forest. It’s a large expanse of textured limestone that looks like trees or running water thanks to heavy wear caused by acid rain over thousands of years. It’s a beautiful sight and unlike anything that you’ll ever see elsewhere.

Moving Personal Belongings there

While Madagascar is home to great natural beauty, the stores here are a bit more limited. That means if you crave many of the comforts from home, you’ll likely have to pay more for them here. You’ll need to get items imported regularly, and each one is going to cost far more than it would have in the United States. That’s why many expats import their belongings and their vehicles over to the island before making the move permanently. Importing a car using a professional shipping service costs around $2000 according to a1autotransport.com, making it affordable to do for all the convenience it offers you compared to local transportation.

Getting Settled in

One of the most difficult steps of moving to Madagascar is settling into a house or rental after you arrive. If you don’t speak French, this can be difficult and will take some time. Many expats rely on their employers to find them a place to live before they arrive, but if you aren’t moving for work, you’ll have to work with realtors on your own. It helps if you know French, but if you do not you’ll have to hire a professional that speaks English to help you find a location to live. Being able to communicate with the outstanding people of Madagascar is going to be very important during your move and time building your new life.

Whether you’re just planning a short-term trip to Madagascar, or you’re planning on becoming a long-term resident, you’re sure to be impressed with the local scenery and the animals that you encounter. The major cities are highly developed and offer most of the comforts that you would expect from any quality first-world country, and it’s possible to live very comfortably in Madagascar if you know where to live and you speak a bit of French to help you obtain the accommodations and features that you need.