Surfing in Madagascar

Surfing in Madagascar

Hang on, surfing in Madagascar? Yes, Madagascar has ‘secret’ surfing spots and we can help you get prepared for this epic island holiday surfing adventure.

Welcome Aboard

Sail with us to the remote Southwestern Madagascar coast of Tulear where you can experience the ultimate surfer’s paradise. The yacht consists of three comfortable cabins each with a double bed and there are two bathrooms; one has a shower with hot water. The onboard chef will provide you with three meals a day plus drinks and mineral water. The skipper will always be there to advise and guide you along your adventure. When the swells are low there is always something to do like snorkelling, light fishing, a small tender boat to take you near the beach to chill or to experience the local town of Tulear. Alternative accommodation can also be arranged prior to your trip.
Surfing in Tulear

The surfing spots in Madagascar are located in very remote areas near the Southwest coastline in the Indian Ocean. It is a very difficult road to travel from the airport but Madagascar Island Safaris has a better way – a 41-foot Catamaran. Our Catamaran crew will pick you up from the airport and drive you to this beautiful yacht and set sail in luxury.

Tulear, also known as Toliara or Toliary, is a small seaport town with approximately 60,000 inhabitants of mixed tribal origins including the Vezo, Masikoro, Mahafaly, Antandroy and Karana people.

To the south of Toliara is the village of Anakao, where you will be spoilt for choices of surfing spots with first-class waves. Anakao is a Vezo fishing village around fifty kilometres south of Tulear with real pristine beaches – where you will find Nosy Ve beach which is only 1.2 kilometres long.

Surf Season

Southern Madagascar is windy due to the trade winds from April to November. The wind is constantly blowing at 20 to 40 knots with water temperatures ranging from 25 to 28° C but a wetsuit is always advisable. Arriving on such a remote beach is an ideal secluded surfer’s paradise. The leisure surfers should book during the summer months from December to April as the waves are relatively consistent with small to medium size swells in the 4-5ft range with light offshore winds.

Who is Pete?

The locals call each wave by name. Pete’s is a sandy bottom left-hander located at the entrance of the Mangily river mouth and is a mellow fun wave for beginners or intermediate level surfers. Your skipper will advise and direct you to first-class surf spots such as the famous Flame Balls near Anakao in the South or Googles and Pete’s to the North but there are over twenty ‘waves’ to surf.

Watch how the Pro-Surfers catch that perfect wave below.

Just remember that they choose to be in the extreme surfing areas of Madagascar.