Nosy Komba’s Eco-Accommodation

Nosy Komba’s Eco-Accommodation

When last did you go walking barefoot? Not in a while, right? we grow up and drift away from the memories of the grass between our toes while playing outside, or the thought of leaving our shoes off when we get up in the morning.

For good reason, though. Unless you lead a hippy commune, your job most likely requires you to wear shoes. Besides, being barefoot can be dangerous, and car pedals feel really weird.

A destination such as Tsara Komba completely changes that perspective. Located on the southern tip of the Island of Nosy Komba, this luxury accommodation instils a level of serenity and seclusion that closely matches complete nirvana.

Here, instead of concrete, feel the cool sand between your toes. Breathe in and take in the view of still, clear waters and the distant shores of neighbouring islands. As you turn and walk up to the entrance of Tsara Komba, your feet absorb the warmth of the wooden flooring of this luxury Eco-lodge.

Tsara Komba itself is comprised of eight bungalows nestled inside a lush botanic tropical garden. Each spacious bungalow was crafted from traditional materials and the furniture and decoration pieces were designed by Malagasy artists and craftsmen.

Tsara Komba also prides itself on its various cuisines such as Zebu Steak, and the bar is famous for whipping up a mean coconut rum punch.


The island of Nosy Komba is a stunning 25-minute boat ride from Nosy Be, and is known as “Lemur Island”. A large portion of this area is a nature reserve, including the coastline that Tsara Komba is on. It is a sanctuary for the wildlife of Madagascar and the tropical forests they inhabit. Tsara Komba is an accommodation which brings these natural wonders to the doorstep of your private bungalow. The Eden garden was created by Tsara Komba as a tropical sanctuary housing more than 200 endemic species. Guests are welcome to stroll through this literal Eden and experience it for themselves.

To commemorate your stay at Tsara Komba, a tree is planted in the baobab nursery in your name. This is really a place to open up to nature, forget worries and responsibilities, maybe leave your shoes off in the morning.