Honeymooning in Madagascar

Honeymooning in Madagascar

Have you recently tied the knot? Firstly, congratulations. You are about to begin the greatest adventure of your life. You have found that one person you want to live with, and can’t live without. The bouquet has been thrown, the cake has been cut and your “I do” is still a crisp, clear memory. There is only one thing left to do, and that is to escape with your loved one to the most romantic and secluded place imaginable.

Madagascar defines the perfect honeymoon – private, intimate and extravagant. The islands surrounding the mainland are sanctuaries hidden from the rest of the world – Tropical paradises tucked into untouched indigenous forests and surrounded by emerald coloured waters. This is the perfect mood setter. You know that picturesque scene where you are lying on a deck chair on a sand swept beach, the sun is melting into the calm ocean horizon and your fingers are entwined with those of your sweetheart? That’s Madagascar.

Days are a mixture of adventure and relaxation, the hardest thing one has to do is pick what they want to do next. The ocean is inviting, its warmth and tranquility causes a dipped toe to turn into a full swim. Kayaks and boating experiences allow for deeper exploration; bringing along a pair of goggles and a snorkel will give you an entirely new perspective on this underwater world.

Returning to the shoreline just brings you more of what nature has to offer. The mainlands and its surrounding islands are home to 33 different species of lemur and various other types of wildlife. Nothing beats a hike or cycle through the forest regions encompassing the luxurious accommodations.

This is place that flourishes on the belief that beauty and comfort are essential elements of life. What better place to begin the journey of your marriage.