Ecotourism in Madagascar

Ecotourism in Madagascar

Tourism can sometimes be harmful to the natural environment. Accommodations and roads need to be built so that the visited areas are accessible to those who wish to enjoy them. To accomplish this, huge areas of lush vegetation are torn down, causing some of the local wildlife to have to migrate to another habitat.
This needed to be stopped. Tourism should celebrate the beauty of nature, not destroy it.

With that plea, Ecotourism was created to swooped in and save the day. Its goal – to bring people to the heart of mother nature while still conserving the wildlife and vegetation of the area.
Accommodations are built around the environment, blending in to the natural landscape. Roads do not scar the lands, instead tour routes are either positioned to do minimal damage, or the areas can only be reached by means of cycling, walking or occasionally quad biking.

Madagascar prides itself on its ecotourism, and has seen its rate of deforestation decrease from 0.82% to 0.4% over the past few years. The nature reserves and resorts lining the tropical island and its surroundings are dedicated to maintaining the ‘untouched’ feel that makes Madagascar such a special place.

Yachting or kayaking around the island paradise allows you to experience its tranquil pleasures to the fullest, without damaging the environment. Drop anchor off the coast of one of the secluded islands dotted around the mainlands such as Nosy Be. With its lush, secluded beachfront defining the perfect paradise. The forests are filled with various wildlife and the surrounding waters known to house some of the only Omura whales ever recorded.

Its irreplaceable gems such as these that cause Madagascar to become prone towards ecotourism. After all, there is no other spot like it, and conservation efforts has instilled harmony between the people and nature, creating a sanctuary for everyone.