Nosy Komba in Luxury

Nosy Komba in Luxury

293 On Komba is a vibrant guest house situated on Nosy Komba between the Nosy Be islands and the mainland of Madagascar. Once you have landed at Nosy Be, be sure to take a short boat-ride to Nosy Komba. This secluded destination is the ultimate tropical getaway, its combination of untouched natural landscapes and luxury accommodations instils a sense of utter serenity. Positioned right on the coast, 293 On Komba’s rusticly fashioned guest house is surrounded by a stunning mix of clean beaches and lush rainforests. The island sees the sunshine for most of the year and is occasionally met with brief showers of warm rainfall during the evenings.

There are no roads on the island of Nosy Koma. The untouched tropical forests can be explored via hiking routes, putting you in literal touch with nature. Take a tranquil walk down the beach, and you just might find yourself on the other side of the island; getting lost and perhaps finding more about yourself. The whole area seems to be in a deep contemplation, there is no hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just the moment, and you.

Nosy Komba is a hub for tropical activities. During the day you can tour the divine mountain ranges of the island, head to the nearby village of Ampangorina, or embark on a whale safari, where you’ll also be met by dolphins, sea turtles and harmless whale sharks. Spending several days on a cruise is also a fantastic way to experience the crystal clear ocean surrounding the island. Spend your day relaxing while catching exotic fish or immerse yourself in the many scuba-diving activities provided by the island locals. Exploring the underwater coral forests of Madagascar is an unmissable experience, the kaleidoscope of colours and the thriving sea-life make you feel as if you stepped into another world.

293 On Komba also offers honeymoon specials for newlyweds, the island truly is the definition of seclusion and romance. Free massages and private dinners are among many reasons why 293 On Komba is the ideal destination for a honeymoon.

From Nosy Komba, you can canoe your way to the neighbouring islands, where you can enjoy picnics while bathing in the warm tropical sun. At the end of your day, venture back to the guest house where you’ll be met with platters of fresh seafood and other delicious cuisines. Your room overlooks either tropical gardens or the beach, giving you a chance to relax in luxury, while still enjoying the natural gems of Madagascar.